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Professional & Business Services  (Accountancy, Tax, Business Growth Advice)

Chiene + Tait LLP was established in Edinburgh in 1885 and we remain fiercely proud of our heritage and independence. We’ve grown to become one of Scotland’s leading independent accountancy firms with offices in Edinburgh, Inverness and London; with access to worldwide contacts via the AGN International network.

Our independence has helped to make sure we deliver a quality driven, cost effective service. In an increasingly regulated and legislated environment, Chiene + Tait offers a resourceful and flexible service due to the depth and breadth of knowledge within the firm. The partnership consists of over 120 staff and ten partners, who not only give the technical advice expected of any high quality accountancy firm, but also provide niche services such as addressing specialised VAT queries, offering an outsourced payroll function and giving independent examination help to small charities.

We appreciate that technical financial information can be complex and difficult to understand – that is why we clarify jargon and explain our advice with precision and expertise. Client care is our primary purpose and is built in to everything we do so, no matter if we are working with private individuals, incorporated businesses, charities or schools, property developers, rural business owners, entrepreneurs or investors, we provide clear, user-friendly advice that can be relied on.

Our forward-thinking attitude and strong personal relationships with our clients form a robust bond: clients aren’t numbers at Chiene + Tait. Instead, a personal and insightful service is delivered by experts with a deep understanding of your needs. Our key principles are:

Tailored advice
Providing information that is tailored to your specific needs and is straightforward to implement: that helps you in the here and now while keeping one eye on your future needs and

Solid communication
Good mutual communication is extremely important in understanding what you need. We regularly meet with clients, host seminars and send information that we think you’ll find valuable.

Personal relationships
We pride ourselves on the personal approach we bring to our work. This helps us understand your needs, get insights into your goals, and manage your ups and downs with you.

Long-term support
Many of our clients have been with us for generations. Our long-term planning helps us to hedge against the future, avoiding damaging impacts from new laws and taking advantage of new opportunities.

Open relationship
We firmly believe that it’s not in the best interests of our clients to skirt around issues; instead, it is better to face challenges directly. We provide honest appraisals, and will offer advice that may be difficult to hear, but is important to be aware of.

Staff accessibility
We deliver a service that doesn’t include generic email addresses, answer phones and ever-lasting hold music. Our clients speak to members of the team directly, and benefit from a partner-led service.

Chiene + Tait’s independence means that we are unbiased and can offer precisely the right services for our clients. We don’t sell a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product; contact us today to try our no obligation advisory service.

Telephone: 01463 251730
Address: Fairways House
Fairways Business Park