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Transport  (Charity)

CoMoUK is a charity working to improve transport choices to help create inclusive communities, healthy people and a greener environment.

CoMoUK works in various ways to raise awareness and move shared transport forwards. Some of the ways we do this are;
• CoMoUK acts as an advocate for shared transport. We work with a variety of partners with shared goals to increase the reach and strength of shared transport.
• We carry out annual surveys with car club and bike share users to find out their thoughts and feelings on the services. We then encourage improvements to be made to shared transport options.
• For those who are interested in setting up a shared transport scheme we create and share guides on best practice for the development of shared transport.
• We work as a consultancy with local authorities, transport authorities and community groups to set-up and develop shared transport schemes.
• We deliver pioneering projects to help ensure that the social and environmental benefits of shared transport are maximised.
• CoMoUK is an accreditation body for car clubs and bike share in the UK to ensure that users receive the best service.
• We act as a support service for individuals or businesses who want to find out how shared transport could work for them.

Telephone: 0131 243 2792
Address: Thorn House
Rose Street