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Engineering  (Supply, installation, commission & maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems, Supply, installation, commission & maintenance of Security Alarm Systems, Supply, installation, commission & maintenance of Automatic Doors)

The Company’s fundamental business strategy is to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our Customers and succeed by increasing Customer satisfaction through a process of continuous improvement of its business processes and support activities.
The Company shall on an on-going basis improve quality through working to the requirements of this Quality Manual and Objectives which includes carrying out scheduled Internal, Product and Service Audits.
The Company’s core business is the Design, Installation, Commissioning, Handover, Verification, Modification and Maintenance of Security and FD&FA; Systems. Therefore, the Company strives to develop the resources, processes and leadership that ensure a consistently high level of product delivery by the following:
a) The Company is Certificated by NSI for Security Systems encompassing Access Control, CCTV and I&HAS;, FD&FA; Systems and ISO 9001 [Certificate No.10233 / 2620].
b) Employees are committed to meeting the regulatory, legal and environmental expectations of the industry that have been agreed by Insurers, Police, Installers, Professional Institutions and relevant Trade Associations.
c) The Management are committed to keeping abreast of technological changes and innovations that may be of benefit in planning the strategic direction of the business.
d) Measures are in place in core areas of the business to provide evidence of the Company’s on-going performance levels. The information gathered is used to determine the level of success in continually satisfying the expectations of Customers.
e) The Company, on occasion may choose to Sub-Contract professional services to ensure that the Quality Management System is being correctly audited and is effective. This may include Quality Consultancy and the Sub-Contract of specialized processes where necessary.
International Standard ISO 9001 provides a structure for continual improvement in Customer satisfaction which has been adopted and implemented in the form of a Quality Management System.
Logic Alarms have an External Accreditation Company Ember Compliance, who carry out monthly Audits on our external and internal procedures and policies including Quality Management. This includes verifying all Engineer practices are audited including all plant and equipment are calibrated and maintained in Line with the Manufacturer and Accreditation requirements.

Logic Alarms as part of our ISO9001 Quality Management procedures, continually Monitor all aspects of our Business. I have detailed some of the key items below
Logic Alarms compares what we promise the customer to what the customer expects and what our customer service delivers. If the delivered service matches customer expectations and what Logic Alarms promised to deliver, quality with respect to this customer service element is high. If there are gaps, Logic Alarms track improvements.
Logic Alarms surveys customers regularly to determine their expectations so the system can match against promises and deliveries. Logic Alarms have implemented such surveys in-house by asking customers to rate their service when they call or when they complete a Project.
Customer Service Quality Goals
Customer service means helping customers solve problems. To carry out this function effectively, customer service has to be easily accessible, knowledgeable, reliable and deliver results.

Customers expect competent delivery of their services, Logic Alarms systems evaluate competence by training and results. The employee delivering customer service has to have the training that allows competent delivery.
The quality assurance system keeps records of training and surveys from customers to evaluate the competence of the delivery.

Customers expect reliable and competent service delivery in an easily accessible form. Customer service delivery is typically over the phone or other means of electronic communication. Wait times, busy signals, noise, call quality and call cost reduce the quality of delivery. The Logic Alarms monitor by defining reasonable levels and ensuring that those levels are maintained over time.

Customers are mainly interested in solutions to their problems. Logic Alarms document customer complaints, tracking the actions taken to resolve them and surveying customers on their satisfaction with the result. Logic Alarms compares high levels of reliability, competence and delivery quality with the level of customer satisfaction. The system checks for discrepancies and revises evaluations to make sure that it is functioning cohesively and giving correct results

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