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Third Sector  (Charity, Mental Health, Suicide Prevention)

Mikeysline was founded in late 2015 after a number of suicides in the Highland area. We run two services, the text line, as well as the Hive in Inverness City Centre. People struggle on a daily basis with a multitude of mental health problems, yet only a fraction of people are actually talking about it.

Sadly, there is a huge stigma attached to having poor mental health, this needs to change. There would be no shame in going to see a professional if someone was suffering from an infection of the lung, liver etc. – so why is there shame in seeing someone about an infection of the mind? This is what we are trying to do, open the conversation on mental health in an engaging manner. The more we talk about it, the more normal it becomes – thus battling stigma head on.

We aim to:

Help fight the Highland wide problem of chronic loneliness
Provide a light in the dark for those in the depths of depression
Offer a distraction from thoughts leaning towards self-harm
Tackle head on the staggering rate of suicide in the Highlands

Telephone: 07970883119
Website: www.mikeysline.co.uk
Address: 19 Academy Street