YOU, Rediscovered

Location: Kingsmills Hotel, Culcabock Road, Inverness

Date: Tuesday 26th September 2017

Time: 12:00

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One of a series of free business seminars running alongside the Highland Spotlight exhibition. Please note online registration for this seminar is open until 4pm on Friday 22 September - after this time, you can still sign up on the day by coming along to the registration desk at the exhibition.

Modern life puts DEMANDS on us all – mortgage, job, family, friends, that bigger, newer car.... the list goes on.  It’s hard to off-load any of these demands, short of selling the house and quitting your job (by the way, we’re not recommending either of these!) – and we’re pretty sure there isn’t a magic, secret 25th hour out there that we can add to our day, to do all the jobs we currently have no time or energy for.  So what can we do? 

Is there a way to increase our CAPACITY to carry out all these important tasks – to always have enough energy for the demands put upon us, and have some energy left over at the end of a busy day, just to enjoy life?  'YOU Rediscovered' is a course that looks into this very subject.

We will discuss the topic of STRESS in our lives – is it the Big Bad Wolf of 21st Century life that many articles would have you believe?  Or is it a necessary part of our day-to-day existence, maybe even something than can help us to grow as people?

Add to this, tips on NUTRITION, MOVEMENT and changing the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves, and we believe that 'YOU Rediscovered' can give you a method for changing your energy levels, challenge the way you currently look at your life, and help you to change it for the better. 

• Rediscover your BALANCE
• Rediscover your PASSION
• Rediscover your DIRECTION

Find out more at this introductory 1-hour session.

12.00 noon - 1.00pm

Places are free and can be booked in advance (up to Friday 22 September) by completing the short registration form below.

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