Export Training & Events

Export Training and International Events

Here you will find details of the training packages offered by Inverness Chamber International and all the upcoming International events, both by Inverness Chamber and by our partner Chambers and Organisations.

Please follow the links below for more information on our training packages or to book on our next session

Upcoming International Events

Sending or Receiving foreign currency payments?

Exclusive Offer: Fee–Free money transfers for Inverness Chamber Members and Clients in 2019

Britain’s departure from the EU is as uncertain as the weather. What is certain is that businesses making foreign currency transfers in the coming months and years will need to prepare for sterling volatility.

To reduce the impact on your business, Fexco is offering all Inverness Chamber Members and Clients bank beating FX rates with NO Transfer fees on all overseas payments during 2019.

Get a Free Quote and discover how you could make significant savings on your international payments.  When you are comfortable with our rates and service, you can proceed to open an account and receive fee-free transfers throughout 2019.

Join us for a FREE dial-in session where you can book 1:1 slots with an advisor from Fexco to discuss international payments, or any queries relating to sending or receiving foreign currency payments, completely free of charge. The free dial-in sessions are going to be held on Thursday 13th June and there are various time slots available throughout the day. 

For more information, please contact international@inverness-chamber.co.uk


Training - Bespoke

Bespoke Training

Company specific training, tailored for your business.

The bespoke training sessions from Inverness Chamber International are designed to specifically target the areas your business has identified where there may be value in training. The list below are the standard sections in the bespoke training, and we can add, subract and substitue as appropriate to cover all the areas that you feel will be of value. 

Standard Units:

Export & Import Knowledge:
Commodity Codes
UK & Overseas Customs requirements - Incoterms

Export Documentation:
The importance of getting it correct
Types of documents
EC Certificate of Origin
Arab-British Certificate of Origin
EUR1 Movement Certificate
A.TR Movement Certificate
ATA Carnet
Electronic Documentation

Country profiles
Useful websites and links

If you think your company could benefit from the bespoke training please do not hesitate to get in touch with Madison Skinner on 01463 228387 or madison@inverness-chamber.co.uk