Advice & Technical Support

Specialist Export Advice, Consultancy and Technical Support

  • Export Readiness Assessment - At a basic level, Inverness Chamber International will evaluate the appropriateness of your products and services for export, and the infrastructure you have in place to support international trade.

    However, many businesses find the range of bespoke and enhanced services essential in establishing their readiness. A more thorough and detailed assessment will include reviews of intellectual property risks, trademarks, branding, packaging, pricing, safety certification, customs regulations and relevant legislation. If required, the Export Readiness Assessment can also include a review of your infrastructure, covering sales & marketing, operations, and financial readiness.

    While you are at the early stages of evaluating the opportunity for your business in international trade, a Chamber Export Readiness Assessment is an essential step in identifying the gaps that need filling.

  • Bespoke advice and consultancy to suit your company needs and resources
  • Specialist Export advice as part of your overall business strategy
  • Ongoing support or specific project support available
  • Experienced staff to offer advice, re-assurance and peace of mind
  • Country specific information from documentation requirements to public holidays and cultural differences
  • Specialist technical support to businesses at every level of exporting whether new or experienced exporters
  • Guidance on labelling, customs, duties, taxes, commodity codes and shipping
  • Impartial, highly specialised advice

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