Membership Rates

Membership fees for 2019 are based on the number of full time equivalent staff employed by the company or branch in membership, at the following rates (all prices are ex VAT):

No. of Employees Net Price
Sole Trader £325.00
Registered Charity £380.00
2-5 employees £380.00
6-10 employees £485.00
11-20 employees £630.00
21-50 employees £785.00
51-100 employees £1025.00
101-250 employees £1205.00
250 plus employees £1355.00

NB: Renewing members will receive a discount on the above rates for second and subsequent years membership.

International Membership Packages - for further information please contact

Access International Bolt-on at £250 plus membership fee (all prices exclude VAT)
Standard International Membership £500
Premium International Membership £1000
International Trade Partner £5000