STATISTICS show around 50-60 per cent of businesses fail in their first five years and around 80 percent of family businesses fail when they pass to the second generation. The Corporate & Commercial team at Macleod & MacCallum wants to help you avoid being one of those statistics. “We’ll be taking a look at the challenges and legal issues which arise when considering acquiring an established business,” revealed Corra Irwin who specialises in commercial conveyancing, charity and business law.

“We’ll be presenting a hypothetical, but very relevant case study, bringing it to life in an entertaining way. “Let’s just say I don’t think we’ll be giving up the day jobs to move to Hollywood – yet…
“Our solicitors will be offering advice via our case study to a ‘client’ on how to expand their business and what that entails. “What things do you need to think about when acquiring a business as a going concern?
“Why might you want to buy an existing business rather than starting from scratch?

“We’ll offer advice on which routes might suit their business best, discussing ownership transfer, trading structure, intellectual property rights, what happens to existing employees, managing the firm’s social media presence, future planning and succession. 
“There will be issues raised relevant to every business along with pragmatic and business-focused advice – delivered in a fun, engaging presentation.”

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