How To Be Seen From Space: Branding, Marketing & Beyond!

Your local branding and marketing agency, Dynam, is on hand at this year’s Highland Spotlight event to offer some advice that is out-of-this-world!

The Seminar

Attendees of the seminar will be asked to think like a branding and marketing agency. Their task will be to think how they would approach marketing a space exploration company looking to brand and promote their trips from the new spaceport in Caithness.

What We Will Look At

Branding is so much more than a logo. Getting branding right from the beginning won’t leave you to tell Houston you’ve got a problem later down the line. During this seminar we will look at :

Identifying marketing goals and audience
Analysing your competitors in the same space and creating brand consistency.
Discuss the key to building overall marketing strategy - from how your website looks to where best to advertise - both online and offline.

What You Get

After this seminar you will come away with:

A strong understanding of what branding is
How to build a long-term marketing strategy
Some tips that will help your company reach for the stars

From preparation to launch, we have everything covered. It’s time to inject a little rocket fuel into your marketing strategy and take your company to new heights with Dynam. More information on the event can be seen here.