How to Write a Winning Entry

Haven't entered the 2019 Highland Business Awards yet? You have just six weeks to enter until the deadline of Friday 9th August. Our deadline is later that usual to give your business even more time to submit an entry for your chosen categories. But please note there will be no extension!

With twelve diverse categories on offer organisations of all sizes and across all sectors in the Highlands, Islands and Moray are encouraged to put themselves forward, and help to recognise the efforts that play an integral role in sustaining a successful business environment in this region.

  • The process of applying for Awards can seem overwhelming and time consuming but are a valuable opportunity to reflect on the business, what has worked? What have you learned from and improved upon?
  • Read the entrance criteria and guidelines very carefully and make sure to answer the question - important details are often forgotten, such as turnover, sales growth, cost saving and number of new customers
  • It's a balance between having all the relative info and keeping within the word count
  • Make sure your entry is concise. It’s vital to make an instant impact and make the information easy to digest
  • Ditch the jargon - leave out talk of sales uplifts, cascading messages, or cross-functional synergies
  • Back up your claims. You can use up to 5 tables, graphs and images to bring your statements alive
  • Showcase your business, be proud of your achievements. You should be its most vociferous cheerleader
  • Involve your team to get a different perspective, and harness their passion within your application
  • Don’t be afraid to be passionate. It inspires and can be infectious. Judges will notice and remember
  • Enter multiple awards, but only pick those that apply to your business and tailor your entry to match the criteria (especially the 100 words for ceremony voiceover script)
  • Get your entry/entries checked by a friend/colleague before you submit them. Redraft if necessary
  • Complete the online form by 5pm, Friday 9th August here.