Why does the Highlands Matter to the Bank of England?

We all know that people who work in crowded cities such as London love to come and enjoy the scenery, fresh air and Highland hospitality.  But you may be surprised to hear that as well as being in the City of London, the Bank of England has a team, known as ‘Agents’, based in Scotland.   

So what do these mysterious Agents do?  In fact what does the Bank of England really do?  Certainly, a lot has changed since it was set up by Scotsman William Paterson in 1694. 

The current Agent for Scotland, William Dowson, is joining Highland Business week this year to explain what he does and why he is a regular visitor to the Highlands to speak with local businesses and other organisations and what he does with that information. 

He will also explain what the Bank of England is tasked to do by the Government and how it seeks to do this.  Given the ‘Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’ as the Bank is affectionately known, looks after the Government’s gold and foreign exchange, produces bank notes, sets the rate of interest that is used for savings and loans, regulates banks and tries to keep the financial system stable he has plenty to draw on in his talk. 

But his aim is to explain why this matters to individuals and organisations in the Highlands and why they matter to the Bank of England.  If you have ever wondered what happens at the Bank, now is your chance to find out… 

Book now to learn more at the upcoming seminar which will take place during Highland Spotlight Exhibition on the 26th September: