Member of the Week - Adopt-A-Child

Adopt-A-Child has been a registered charity in Scotland since 1999, starting with one employee who built up the organisation into what it is today.  Adopt-A-Child operate a sponsorship scheme which supports 10,000 children living in poverty in Guatemala and Albania and also have a range of projects which help the wider community.

Adopt-A-Child has 5 part-time employees in our Culloden office, which is their HQ for the UK & Ireland, plus another 8 in England and Northern Ireland.

We spoke to Janis Wilby from Adopt-A-Child about her role: "I first became involved with Adopt-A-Child as a part-time administrator when I lived in Evanton.Following a 2 year stint in Stranraer our family moved to Inverness 16 years ago, and I became increasingly involved to the point where today I fulfil the role of National Coordinator for the UK & Ireland."

Janis told ICC why Adopt- A-Child would like to feature as member of the week: "A lot of people think that we are an adoption agency, whereas in fact we are a child sponsorship charity.Being Member of the Week gives us the opportunity to explain this further.I liken it to eg ‘Adopt a Tiger’, or ‘Adopt a Dolphin’.You don’t take the dolphin home and keep it in your bath!Likewise, the children we support live with their own families in their own countries.We simply offer a helping hand, through our sponsorship programme, linking and individual, school or business inthe developed world, with a child needing help and hope."

Janis would like to Highlight their Corporate Partners programme, where businesses can sponsor a child or support a project.  In return, Adopt-A-Child can provide social media material for you to use to show a different side to your business.  There’s also the feel-good factor and team building benefit of doing something as a business which benefits those less fortunate.

Adopt-A-Child have a new service they are providing. Janis told us more: "After supporting children for many years, we have a new project in Guatemala which supports the most vulnerable adults – widows, single mums, grannies and grandads.It’s part of our new M25 project, but in the office we’re affectionately calling it ‘Adopt-A-Granny’.As well as providing nutritious meals and basic medical and dental care, we also provide families with laying hens through this project."

We asked Janis what their business plans are for over the next 12 months: "We are looking to increase the number of local businesses who sponsor a child or support one of our projects."

Janis shared what she values most about Chamber membership: "The opportunity to speak face to face with other local businesses and organisations at the many Chamber events to explain who we are and what we do."

We asked Janis for her top-tip for other chamber members to maxmise their membership: "Take advantage of the ‘maximise your membership’ meetings to grasp the range of resources and opportunities available to you as a member, then take part in as many events as you can!"

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Twitter: @LWAdoptAChild