Member of the Week - Amber Computer Solutions

Amber Computer Solutions provide home users a very flexible computer support solution. We can come out to your home at a time to suit you or you can drop the computer off at our premises. They can help with setup of new computers, protection, upgrades and repairs for home users and small business users.

Ian worked in IT for 15 years, prior to starting his business. Ian said: "I had always wanted to run my own business. I was looking forward to having the opportunity to work with a customer and take a job from beginning to end with a satisfied customer at the end. And at the age of 35 I decided it was time to start, all my family lived in Inverness and they enjoyed the life here, so I moved to Inverness in 2004 and started my business. I provide a Computer Support Solution to Home users and Small Businesses in and around a 70 mile radius of Inverness. I try to provide a slightly different computer support business than most IT companies; my approach is to build a more personal relationship with my customers so I can better understand their needs and provide more tailored solutions for them which cover any aspect of IT. I lost a leg to cancer at the age of 13 and was gifted a computer, that first kindled my interest in computing.  Because of my disability I knew I could never have a job that would require a lot of physical activity like a builder, plumber, electrician, etc. So computing seemed a good fit, also as it turned out, I had an affinity with all things technological."

Ian took advantage of this member of the week opportunity to promote his business and hopefully increase connections with other people.

Amber Computer Solutions would like to raise awareness of the services they offer: General Computer Support, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Upgrades, Networking. Computer Systems Health Check, including Hardware, Software and Network Security.

We asked Ian about his business plans over the next 12 months: "To continue to grow the business, find new customers and try to help as many people as possible."

Ian told us what he values most about his Inverness Chamber Commerce membership: "What I value most about my Chamber Membership is, the opportunity to connect with many other local businesses and the knowledge that the Chamber of Commerce is always there to help."

Ian provided his advice to get the most out of your Inverness Chamber membership: "My top tip is, you only get out of life, what you put in to it, and that is also true for your business and the Chamber of Commerce membership too."

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Twitter: @AmberComputerSo