Member of the Week - Clark IT

Award-winning specialists in cybersecurity, cloud services and IT support, Clark Integrated Technologies is Inverness Chamber of Commerce’s latest member of the week.

The firm is based in rural Aberdeenshire and prides itself on its excellent client care in all aspects of its service delivery – at the time of writing its customer satisfaction rate was sitting at a remarkable 96.8%

Clark started life back in 1992 with just two people, and the company’s growth resulted in it moving to larger premises at its present site at Auchterless, near Turriff, in 2003. It is now regarded as one of one of the region’s leading independent providers.

Clark IT works with firms in a range of sectors, including professional services, retail and trades, charities and agri-businesses.

It works with businesses ranging in size from five employees to 250+ – but all with a common theme, a need for current and reliable information technology.

The company is led by managing director Austen Clark, who told The Chamber that while he has seen many developments over his 30 year career in the industry, one thing has been a constant – change.

Mr Clark said: “The digital transformation has changed all our lives, but with this transfer comes new responsibilities, like how to keep personal data secure and how to ensure systems are protected from hackers or disasters like flood or fire.”

An important part of its work is ensuring firms have cybersecurity tailored to their needs. Accreditations like IASME, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus demonstrate that your business takes cybersecurity seriously – and can prove that to your customers and suppliers.

It can prepare your business for the upcoming Windows 7 End of Life, which takes effect from January 14 next year – after that date Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7 and will no longer update or support the operating system after that time.

Clark can build a disaster recovery system, advise on cost-saving cloud services and provide technical support to resolve IT issues and minimise frustrating downtime.

Mr Clark continued: “Using the services of an IT specialist isn’t just for the big corporates with rafts of employees, it’s every bit as relevant for small operations.

“Take cybersecurity. A recent study showed the growing trend to SMEs being targeted by attacks – but would you know if you have the right defences in place?

“That’s just one instance where advice from a specialist in the field could prove invaluable.

“Another example is for someone who sets up a business and it grows. He or she may have started up using a laptop and a mobile phone from the kitchen table of their house, but it’s important to be using the right software and know how to scale up as necessary.

“No two businesses are the same, but being an SME operating in a rural area means we can relate to the challenges and pressures faced by smaller operations - and we can provide the right guidance and professional knowledge of IT to give safety, security and reliability. ”

Clark IT employs 20 people and, by running apprenticeships, has been able to recruit and train new talent into the industry, at a time when a nationwide skills shortage threatens to stifle the growth of the country’s vital digital skills sector.

Over the past six years Clark has offered a number of apprenticeships, creating opportunities for local school leavers to ‘learn while they earn’. It is bringing young people into the sector when recruitment is becoming an increasing challenge, with not enough skilled workers to fill posts.

Clark IT have developed close links with local schools and agencies to play a small, but important, part in trying to address the skills shortfall and promote technology as a viable and sustainable career choice.

Clark IT has worked with a number of businesses in the Highland region and places value on being a member of Inverness Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Clark added: “The Chamber brings businesses of all kinds together for the exchange of knowledge, to build relationships and to network.

“Our team enjoy being part of its events, like the Highland Spotlight, when one thing that’s always guaranteed is a truly warm Highland welcome.

“We’ve made some great connections and positive business links and it’s always a pleasure work in Inverness and the Highlands.”

Find out more about Clark IT from its website or social media:


Twitter: @ClarkIntegTech

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