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Grow Your Business Club (Highlands) is the “local” branch of Grow Your Business Club.  It specialises in providing business growth systems, coaching and services designed to be used by “pre-start” and start-up entrepreneurs, existing businesses and growing businesses – developing confidence, progress and results for each business owner.  People can join Grow Your Business Club and take part in the activities and exercises designed to help them achieve results – quickly – in their own business.

We spoke to Allan Simpson, one of two employees, who is Club leader for Highlands and Islands of Scotland and arrived in Inverness 24 years ago as a Hotel Manager. We asked Allan why Grow Your Business Club would like to be member of the week: “We want to start 2018 as we mean to go on.  Being featured as Member Of The Week is a good way for us to get our message out to the business community in the Highlands of Scotland”.

2018 will see the start of the Members Monthly Meetings, the first of which will be held on Tuesday January 23rd at 4pm.  For this first meeting of the year you don’t have to be a member to take part. 

Allan said: “We want to encourage people to come along, try it out and see if works for them.”

The new “Grow Your Business Online in 2018” service is an integrated system customers can use to put together (or sort out their existing) Plan – Message – Lead Generation – Sales & Selling – Marketing System:  Which means businesses using the system can get more value from their marketing investment.

Grow Your Business Club are also introducing new and improved versions of the popular 90 Day Marketing Plan and Social Media Marketing Plan for 2018.  Both of these products are designed to help business people document and execute their plans for the year, introducing systems and measurement so you know what’s really happening. 

Allan said: “Of course, there are shorter “taster” versions of these products which we’ll be running as 90 Minute Marketing Plan and 90 Minute Social Media Marketing Plan workshops early in 2018.  Our focus for 2018 is making sure we help Highland businesses get the marketing basics right:  Focus on the message they’re sending out to customers; getting that message in front of the right customers; making sure there’s a response and a measurable result.”

Allan shared with us their business objectives for 2018 – “to roll out active Grow Your Business Club groups in locations throughout the Highlands.  Starting in Inverness and Dingwall, then moving North to Thurso and West to Lochaber and Skye.  We think it’s important to make it as easy as possible to take part in members meetings and get the most from Club Membership, so we’re all ready to get on the road.  For Club Members who can’t travel to the local meetings, we are launching an online training and meeting platform early in 2018."

Allan also shared with us what he values most about Chamber Membership: “Chamber membership has, over the past year or so, allowed us to meet, talk to and work with other Chamber members.  People we might not otherwise have met.  There are a lot of interesting businesses in the Inverness Chamber of Commerce network."

Allan’s ‘top tip’ to make the most of your membership would be: “Take part in Highland Business Week!"

First Grow Your Business Club Members Meeting of 2018 – Tuesday 23rd January, 4pm at the Royal Highland Hotel – for details see the website at

Come along and try it out.  Book your place on the website.

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