Member of the Week - Innes & Mackay Ltd Family Law Department

Innes & Mackay have been providing expert legal advice on all aspects of family law for many years, priding themselves in offering legal advice that reflects their client’s needs, taking an objective approach to delivering a professional and friendly service. The team of solicitors who specialise in family law are vastly experienced in both litigation and all methods of alternative dispute resolution. All four family law solicitors are trained in Collaborative Family Law, three are accredited specialists in their respective fields by the Law Society of Scotland, two of the team are mediators and one is also an arbitrator.

The relationships among family members are among the most valuable that anyone can have, but it is not uncommon for these relationships to be put under strain from time-to-time. This can lead to disputes arising concerning very delicate issues. In those circumstances, it is important to have the assistance of experienced legal advisors, who understand the rules that are relevant and can help find a suitable solution.

The Innes & Mackay team are actively involved in providing expert advice on all aspects of family law. Although based in Inverness, they serve clients all over the North of Scotland, including the Western Isles, Skye, Wick, Caithness, Wester Ross and Sutherland.

There is a complex body of rules which apply to different aspects of family law. Innes & Mackay’s Family Law team readily appreciate this, and always take special care in providing detailed guidance on the law and the impact it can have on different kinds of familial relationships.

Family law is a complex field. Innes & Mackay pride themselves on being able to offer a wide range of legal services in respect of family law. These include:-

Separation & Divorce

While in most cases disagreements between spouses or a partner can be resolved, there are instances where solicitor involvement is necessary to reach a resolution. At Innes & Mackay, the family law team is highly experienced and offers specialist advice in respect of separation, divorce and civil partnerships.

Maintenance & Financial Claims

When a couple terminate their relationship, the financial framework which supported the family can become strained. This is likely to have substantial consequences, particularly where children are concerned. It is therefore vital that those facing a separation or divorce carefully consider how finances and property are to be divided.
The team at Innes & Mackay are experienced with the law in this field, and will be able to guide parties in respect of any rights and obligations they owe to each other and how these can be fulfilled. They will represent your interests in negotiations with your spouse or partner, draft legally binding agreements detailing the terms of any settlement you come to and, where necessary, represent your interests in court.

Residential & Contact Arrangements for Children

When a couple decides to separate or divorce from one another, they are often not the only parties to be affected. There will also be consequences for any children they have together. The team are vastly experienced in the areas of contact and residence disputes involving children, their parents and extended family. This applies both in relation to negotiating arrangements and, where necessary, raising or defending court actions where agreement cannot be reached.


The team at Innes & Mackay have a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling any matter relating to the adoption of a child. The family law team will work closely with you to ensure that you are supported throughout this process by providing detailed advice and expertise.

Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

Their family law team have developed expertise in dealing with agreements between couples before marriage and couples who are about to start living together. Such agreements will outline what is to happen if a relationship ever comes to an end.

Interdicts, Powers of Arrest & Exclusion Orders

Their team regularly provides urgent and effective advice to prevent harassing and abusive behaviour towards a spouse or partner. If you are concerned about your partner’s behaviour or wish to prevent them from entering the family home, our team will be able to help you.

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