Member Of The Week - Inverness Kart Raceway

Inverness Kart Raceway is a Social Enterprise wholly owned by youth charity, Day1. In February 2016 Inverness Kart Raceway opened it’s doors to the public with two clear targets; The first being to have the long term goal of securing the future of Day1; the second to provide a five star, industry standard-setting facility while supporting young people through education, employment and training.

We spoke to Michael Golding, former mentor for the Day1 charity, whom after seeing the job description for General Manager, knew that was his next step. About his role, Michael told us: “My role is very much multi-faceted, I was the first employee of the business and tasked with setting up the whole facility from scratch. My role is very varied including, sales, admin, hr, product development and overseeing all operations of the facility.”

“I feel Inverness Kart Raceway has a unique story, a large scale Social Enterprise, the only five star activity centre for adults within Inverness and supporting young people through financially contributing to Day1, employment and multiple training programs run from our state of the art facility.”

Inverness Kart Raceway are excited by their new and improved Grand Prix – this includes 2 x 15 lap heat races and a 30 lap final for all drivers. Their software scores all of the drivers so the slowest compete in their final together and all of the fastest drivers compete in grand final for overall winners of the whole event

Inverness Kart Raceway recently added a GoPro so drivers can rent it for their race and have the footage uploaded to Youtube so they can watch their race as many times as they like and settle the debate of “you pushed me”, “but they did x”, you can keep a memory from your event.

Michael shared with Inverness Chamber their plans for over the next 12 months: “to continue developing our links with the community. Operationally we now have an experienced team who know their roles as well as have the freedom to suggest developments that can be made. I want to develop our youth training programs as well as corporate links through sponsorship opportunities and create partnerships which can be maintained for the long term.”

Michael shared with us some of the achievements that he is proud of: “Inverness Kart Raceway has received a five-star Quality Assurance grading from Visit Scotland, a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor and has been nominated for “Most Promising New Business” at the Highland Business Awards, something myself and our young team are very proud of.”

We heard what Michael values most about Chamber Membership: “Our membership is allowing us to create corporate partnerships and relationships which promotes continual development of our business.”

Michael provided his ‘top-tip’ for maximising your Chamber Membership: “I would highly recommend the networking events, good communication with the team at the chamber and trust in their experience to guide you in making the most of your membership and the great opportunities that are available.”

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Twitter: @InvernessGoKart