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This week’s Member of the Week is IQ Occupational Health (formerly RS Occupational Health), part of the Iqarus Group. RS Occupational Health in Inverness was formed around a decade ago – becoming part of the Iqarus Group in October 2016. An occupational health provider, servicing the OH needs of clients across the Highlands, IQ Occupational Health provides advice regarding health problems in relation to the workplace, sickness absence management, HSE statutory health screening, travel health advice and vaccinations, and can provide training e.g. First Aid, First Responder on Scene, disease specific training to support workers.

With over 300 employees globally, the firm has an Inverness base on Lotland Street in Inverness and continues to have a local presence. Dr Brian Fitzimons is the Occupational Health Physician in Inverness; with Anne Matheson as Lead Occupational Health Nurse and Sarah Mitchell as Occupational Health Nurse – although the firm is currently adding to its nursing and administrative staff.

Dr Fitzsimons was a Highland GP for 25 years, almost half of which was in remote and rural medicine. He is a voluntary emergency responder providing advanced medical skills to back up the Scottish Ambulance Service across the Highlands. During his time as a GP, Dr Fitzsimons came across many small businesses that needed help and support in dealing with the health needs and challenges of their workers. Now, as an Occupational Health Physician, he wants to use his skills and knowledge for the good of Highland businesses and their staff; to promote good health and welfare; and to see the Highlands grow in prosperity as a major player in the Scottish economy.

The firm would like to make the Highland business community aware of all the services it offers – to assist businesses in reducing sickness absence, and where relevant, maintain compliance with HSE Statutory requirements. IQ Occupational Health is keen to offer fellow Chamber members a free first contact advice service. If any Chamber member is unsure, or just needs some advice as to what to about hearing testing, or the long-term sickness absence of a valued worker, for example, the firm is offering a free email or telephone discussion with its dedicated medical and nursing staff. The firm wishes to increase its footprint across the region by providing a high quality occupational health service to the Highlands and by aiming to become the main point of contact for occupational health needs.

We asked the team what they valued most about Chamber membership: “The Chamber staff are an excellent resource; a font of help and support. The contact that the Chamber gives us with our business colleagues across the region is invaluable to us. Speak to the team; offer something back too. We provided free Occupational Health introductory sessions during Highland Business Week 2016 and it was a privilege to work together with the Chamber team to do this.”

Iqarus is hosting the first in a series of monthly webinars on Monday 30 January and will address the topic of Travel Health Management. So whether you’re planning your next business trip or even a well-deserved holiday, don’t miss out on some tips from one of its Travel Health experts. To register or find out more, click here.

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