Member Of The Week - Mikeysline

Mikeysline was founded in late 2015 after a number of suicides in the Highland area. Since then, a lot has happened - Mikeysline have been supporting those in need ever since. They run two services, a text line, as well as the Hive in Inverness City Centre. People struggle on a daily basis with a multitude of mental health difficulties, yet only a fraction of people are actually talking about it.

Inverness Chamber spoke to George King, who handles the marketing within the organisation. About his role, George said: “I also volunteer in the Hive and on our text line. I also represent Mikeysline at relevant events by giving speeches, getting photographs and thanking people for their generosity.”

George is keen to take advantage of this member of the week opportunity to raise awareness of what The Hive & Mikeysline do.  Sadly, there is still a huge stigma attached to having poor mental health, this needs to change. There would be no shame in going to see a professional if someone was suffering from an infection of the lung, liver etc. – so why is there shame in seeing someone about an infection of the mind? This is what Mikeysline and the Hive are trying to do, open the conversation on mental health in an engaging manner. The more we talk about it, the more normal it becomes – thus battling stigma head on.

Mikeysline are grateful for donations and welcome opportunities for collaboration with other businesses. If this is something you or your business are interested in more info can be found here:

Mikeysline recently started their ‘Men’s Only Group’ for any men struggling with their emotional wellbeing. If you would like to know more about when the 6 weekly sessions will resume, you can call them on 01463 729000.

George told us what he values most about Inverness Chamber membership: “The friendly and proactive service that the Chamber provides when it comes to raising profile.”

George provided his top-tip for making the most of your Inverness Chamber membership: “Make sure to remember well in advance when your ‘Member of the Week’ promotion is.”

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