Member of the Week - Phoenix Highland

Phoenix Business Consultants started in 1992 as a partnership working extensively on behalf of the public sector across the length and breadth of the Highlands & Islands. Following a period of employment with Business Gateway in Aberdeen City and Shire, Phoenix Highland Ltd was incorporated in May 2019 to relaunch in the Highlands. Phoenix Highland currently have two employees, both being the directors of the company. The office is based close to Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness.

ICC spoke to one director, Andrew Mackay, on how the business started and his role: “Having been employed with HIDB/HIE in the late 1980’s/early 90’s the opportunity arose in 1992 to set-up in business and contract back into the HIE network. This saw extensive business and economic development work undertaken everywhere from Unst to Campbeltown and Keith to Barra. Based on regular network feedback forms, all work was delivered in a timely manner and well received by clients. Support can be by way of business planning, marketing, basic HR, corporate legal support, accountancy, project appraisal, economic impact assessment and business rescue examination and support.”

We asked Andrew why Phoenix Highland would like to feature as member of the week: “Whatever the economic climate every business should have a good ‘handle’ on what is happening and the potential options that present themselves to move the business forward. We are currently in an unprecedented time due the global Coronavirus epidemic and we see, on a daily basis on the news, quotes and comments about how we should plan for the future. The benefit of forward planning has never been more crucial and should be at the forefront of every business leader and entrepreneur.  Featuring as ‘Member of the Week’ gives Phoenix Highland an opportunity to promote our services to other members who may be looking for help and advice.”

Andrew told us more about their services: “As part of the business development support modelling many businesses seek subsequent public/private sector funding for capital projects, whether that be building or equipment. At the outset of my time at HIDB as an ‘Investigating Officer’ my role was to evaluate and recommend, or not, grant support. With a detailed knowledge of the framework, this is the element that I would like to recommend here. Whilst legal and tax legislation changes, the fundamentals of economic development remain consistent. As such, Phoenix will continue to extend its knowledge base to absorb more information to meet client needs.”

Andrew shared Phoenix Highland’s business plans over the next 12 months: “Phoenix Highland is looking to continue to grow and take on new  clients over the next 12 months, but at the same time ensuring that time can be quickly allocated to the current client base as and when needed.”

We asked Andrew what he values most about Inverness Chamber membership: “The most valuable aspect of Chamber membership is the opportunity to attend events and meet like-minded businesses. This, in turn, may lead to new work or direction to potential new clients.”

Andrew provided his top-tip for Inverness Chamber members to maximise their membership: “We have found the most beneficial element of Chamber support as being the corporate ‘speed dating’ whereby you get the opportunity to engage with a wide range of businesses with a given timeframe. Everyone gets to hand out cards and supporting literature and this forms a strong base for future contacts.”

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