Member of the Week - The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust

The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust are a charity based in Inverness who aim to provide affordable rural housing across the Scottish Highlands and soon to be beyond. HSCHT started back in 1998 and this year they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. HSCHT have completed many projects and developments over the years, which have helped build stronger communities and better housing solutions across the Highlands.

We spoke to Clarrie Murdoch, Graduate Marketing and Communications Assistant, who is one 14 full-time employees. On her role at HSCHT, Clarrie said: “My role in the business is Graduate Marketing and Communications Assistant. I started here about a month ago after graduating from Edinburgh Napier University. I am involved in marketing and promoting the business. I am also currently helping organise our special 20th anniversary conference dinner and event.”

Clarrie told us why The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust would like to feature as member of the week: “It’s a great opportunity to feature as Member of the Week as we are approaching our 20th anniversary conference event, which we would like to promote in as many ways as possible. This would be a great platform to inform fellow, local businesses of our event. For our event, we want to connect local community members and local businesses as a way of building stronger communities across the Highlands.”

HSCHT’s 20th Anniversary dinner will be held at the Glenmoriston Townhouse Hotel on 13th September 2018 and the conference event will follow on 14th September 2018. More details can be found here:

The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust told us about their new service and are delighted to announce they are about to launch a new and unique portal to support self and custom builds across Scotland. This will help connect landowners and self-builders to make it easier to buy and sell land for self and custom build purposes and will provide other useful services.

HSCHT shared with Inverness Chamber their business plans for over the coming 12 months: “We have two new exciting projects, which we are really going to be focussing on over the next 12 months.

Firstly, is our new initiative Community Housing Scotland. CHS will provide a service to support, advise and inform people of community-led housing across Northern Scotland and Central Belt cities.

Our second project is the launch of the new Self and Custom Build portal. This will be a new and unique initiative to support self and custom builds throughout Scotland. The next 12 months will involve creating the new portal, launching it and then the running and providing the appropriate services for it. This is a very exciting project for us and we look forward to watching it grow.”

The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust told us about their recent award recognition: “ We are delighted to have won the Howdens Scottish Empty Homes Champion of the Year Award 2017 for the Outstanding Project category at the Scottish Empty Homes Conference 2017.”

Clarrie told Inverness Chamber what HSCHT value most about Chamber membership: “It is great to feel like part of a community and there are great networking opportunities available. We also value that there is a lot of support and help offered by the Chamber, such as HR support and health and safety help.”

Clarrie provided her ‘top-tip’ for maximising your chamber membership: “Have a look at some of the Chamber events and get involved if you can. It is a great opportunity for networking and meeting fellow Chamber members.”

HSCHT also have sponsorship opportunities available for local businesses to promote their business at their events and other excellent benefits. For more information on sponsorship opportunities please email:

Facebook: @hscht
Twitter: @HSCHT